MSR Elixir 3 tent body drying in morning sunlight
campsite in the snow at Olallie Lake
cooking in the snow under a full moon at Olallie Lake
damaged MCP73831 in a Corne-ish Zen
cabin in the snow at twilight
profiteroles sorted into layers of a croquembouche
Perfect Day animal-free milk bottle and latte from trial at Starbucks
stream crossing the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Trail with whitewater around two tree trunks
Reuben’s Brews Fresh Hop Double Crush IPA garnished with fresh whole cone hops
hands holding coffee in ceramic mugs on the beach at Moclips as morning sunshine begins to illuminate ocean waves
figure standing at the edge of the ocean under a gray sky at Moclips
plants in sand in the rain
NOAA tsunami warning siren on the beach at Ocean Shores
SeaGL table at Open Source Summit 2021
grain terminal and docked cargo ship at Centennial Park
partial view of Tribal Elder Bernice White Place under the Spokane Street Bridge
freshly picked Cascade hop petals sprinkled over a sampling glass of beer
hand sifting though a bucket of freshly picked Cascade hops
jar of Boardsource Purpz β€œChoc” key switches with UHMW polyethylene tap mod
Boardsource Purpz β€œChoc” key switch with UHMW polyethylene tap mod
road sign obstructing a bike lane
view from McClellan Butte’s southwest ridge of its peak, I-90, and Mount Kent
box fan smoke filter split between indoor air recirculation and outdoor air intake though a window
morning mist over the Skagit River compressed by a wave of hot air from a wildfire
faux campfire fashioned from a crumpled LED strip in a fire pit during a burn ban
a β€œjs;dr” sticker affixed to a fixie on Tilikum Crossing
two cyclists ride along the floating section of Portland’s Eastbank Esplanade toward the Burnside Bridge
two bikes and swim gear lay at the abrupt end of a dirt path to Lake Washington, the water framed by a tunnel of foliage
fresh pasta still hanging from the machine, verdant with the chlorophyll of fresh spinach
swimmer hanging by one hand from the bow of an inflatable boat on Lake Washington
a pair of graphing carbon dioxide monitors built from Raspberry Pis with poured paint wooden cases
pouring marbled paint onto wooden Raspberry Pi cases
a duckling swims near a foot planted on a rock at the edge of the Lake Washington Ship Canal
two laptops with Python development environments connected to prototype carbon dioxide monitors
two squirrel tails protrude in parallel from a drey
working remotely with a laptop and bicycle in the grass at Commodore Park, overlooking the Ballard locks
bicycles leaning against driftwood at Discovery Park’s south beach during low tide
hummingbird feeding a chick
Canada jay in flight to an outstretched hand
sunshine filters though evergreens onto a tent overlooking frozen Olallie Lake from a snowy hillside
a hummingbird lands in a nest shrouded by foliage
DIY homing bump on a rearranged laptop key made by flattening a droplet of hot glue
Dell XPS 13 keyboard rearranged to a Halmak-based keyboard layout with curly quote keys