fresh pasta still hanging from the machine, verdant with the chlorophyll of fresh spinachswimmer hanging by one hand from the bow of an inflatable boat on Lake Washingtona pair of graphing carbon dioxide monitors built from Raspberry Pis with poured paint wooden casespouring marbled paint onto wooden Raspberry Pi casesa duckling swims near a foot planted on a rock at the edge of the Lake Washington Ship Canaltwo laptops with Python development environments connected to prototype carbon dioxide monitorstwo squirrel tails protrude in parallel from a dreyworking remotely with a laptop and bicycle in the grass at Commodore Park, overlooking the Ballard locksbicycles leaning against driftwood at Discovery Park’s south beach during low tidehummingbird feeding a chickCanada jay in flight to an outstretched handsunshine filters though evergreens onto a tent overlooking frozen Olallie Lake from a snowy hillsidea hummingbird lands in a nest shrouded by foliageDIY homing bump on a rearranged laptop key made by flattening a droplet of hot glueDell XPS 13 keyboard rearranged to a Halmak-based keyboard layout with curly quote keysKailh β€œChoc” Brown key switch silenced with 1-mm-thick adhesive silicone pads1-mm-thick adhesive silicone sheet scored into pads for key switch silencinga coal train over a mile long waits at a red light in the snowlatte art on a pair of cortadosespresso shot extraction from a bottomless portafilter into a gibraltarwhole hop cones corralled by a muslin bag in a pot of wortraw fillet of steelhead trout and Reuben’s Brews Double Crush Hazy IIPA next to a grillpaper cutout of K.C. Green’s β€œthis is fine” dog in place of a star atop a Christmas treevertical farming installation growing fresh herbs inside a grocery storeBernie Sanders 2020 bumper sticker partially torn off to reveal an Obama/Biden 2012 sticker, together reading β€œFeel The Biden”the word β€œNOPE” adorned with a caricature of Donald Trump’s hair on a yard signrooftop grill under a chromatic sunsetjack-o'-lanterns depicting a hop vine and heart latte art designview toward Moolock Mountain framed by trees from the Granite Creek trailhand holding a single, large hop cone above a tray of freshly harvested Cascade hopshand-picking hops over a bucketfreshly picked hop cone sliced in half to reveal yellow lupulin depositsespresso extraction from a bottomless portafilterAndrew wearing an industrial N95 respirator on a bicycle in wildfire smokehomemade sourdough bread loaves and a retail package of Impossible Burgera young raccoon peers from a tree into a second-story window during a video callBlack Lives Matter protesters await the beginning of a march under the shade of trees on the Seattle Central College campusentryway quarantine zone demarcated by masking tapefabric face mask with a handwritten thank you note from an Etsy sellera crowd gathers in the rain around a public speaker at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protestfree food at a volunteer-run supply tent at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protestmonitor displaying a composite of live streams captioned β€œPolice abandon E. Precinct, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA USA”protesters holding Black Lives Matter signs face blinding flood lights in front of a police barricade on Capitol Hillprotesters hold signs and umbrellas in front of a police barricade on Capitol Hillkneeling protesters applaud a speaker with a megaphone in front of a police barricade on Capitol Hilllightning striking Phinney Ridgesunlit studio apartmentwort settling into layers in a glass carboyhomemade tortillas warming on the lid of a homebrew boilsocially distanced queue along the sidewalk at an improvised storefront on the Reuben’s Brews patioyard sign saying β€œThank You” below an illustration of a medical worker wearing a face mask stylized as the earthReuben’s Brews Nordic Haze kveik hazy IPA beside erlenmeyer flask of harvested yeasthomemade sourdough loaves in the ovenβ€œStay Healthy” street signage reading β€œStreet Closed” and β€œKeep it Moving; Stay Healthy Streets; Keep it Distant: 6+ feet”sunshine on the tree canopy over a β€œStay Healthy” streeta metal street sign reading β€œSidewalk Closed” lays in the mud, repurposed as a stepping stonethe end of a rainbow lands on a sunlit USA flag in front of a dark skya warmly dressed crowd sits on the cold concrete floor of an overflow room awaiting the beginning of an Elizabeth Warren 2020 campaign eventOrphan Espresso LIDO-E hand grinder containing Herkimer Coffee espresso beansvolunteer instructor demonstrating analysis of Wikipedia edits at the Community Data Science Workshopview of an ornamental lantern from a second-floor balcony into the high-ceilinged vestibule of Savery HallEzra Klein and Zaki Hamid take audience questions at the front of a crowded churchPreet Bharara and Dow Constantine take audience questions at Town Hall Seattle