1-mm-thick adhesive silicone sheet scored into pads for key switch silencing
a coal train over a mile long waits at a red light in the snow
latte art on a pair of cortados
espresso shot extraction from a bottomless portafilter into a gibraltar
whole hop cones corralled by a muslin bag in a pot of wort
raw fillet of steelhead trout and Reuben’s Brews Double Crush Hazy IIPA next to a grill
paper cutout of K.C. Green’s β€œthis is fine” dog in place of a star atop a Christmas tree
vertical farming installation growing fresh herbs inside a grocery store
Bernie Sanders 2020 bumper sticker partially torn off to reveal an Obama/Biden 2012 sticker, together reading β€œFeel The Biden”
the word β€œNOPE” adorned with a caricature of Donald Trump’s hair on a yard sign
rooftop grill under a chromatic sunset
jack-o'-lanterns depicting a hop vine and heart latte art design
view toward Moolock Mountain framed by trees from the Granite Creek trail
hand holding a single, large hop cone above a tray of freshly harvested Cascade hops
hand-picking hops over a bucket
freshly picked hop cone sliced in half to reveal yellow lupulin deposits
espresso extraction from a bottomless portafilter
Andrew wearing an industrial N95 respirator on a bicycle in wildfire smoke
homemade sourdough bread loaves and a retail package of Impossible Burger
a young raccoon peers from a tree into a second-story window during a video call
Black Lives Matter protesters await the beginning of a march under the shade of trees on the Seattle Central College campus
entryway quarantine zone demarcated by masking tape
fabric face mask with a handwritten thank you note from an Etsy seller
a crowd gathers in the rain around a public speaker at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest
free food at a volunteer-run supply tent at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest
monitor displaying a composite of live streams captioned β€œPolice abandon E. Precinct, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA USA”
protesters holding Black Lives Matter signs face blinding flood lights in front of a police barricade on Capitol Hill
protesters hold signs and umbrellas in front of a police barricade on Capitol Hill
kneeling protesters applaud a speaker with a megaphone in front of a police barricade on Capitol Hill
lightning striking Phinney Ridge
sunlit studio apartment
wort settling into layers in a glass carboy
homemade tortillas warming on the lid of a homebrew boil
socially distanced queue along the sidewalk at an improvised storefront on the Reuben’s Brews patio
yard sign saying β€œThank You” below an illustration of a medical worker wearing a face mask stylized as the earth
Reuben’s Brews Nordic Haze kveik hazy IPA beside erlenmeyer flask of harvested yeast