brick exterior of Anderson Hall with stained glass windows into a large room
volunteers working on laptops at the Missing Maps Mapathon hosted by OpenStreetMap Seattle and American Red Cross
bicycle in the snow at night on the interurban trail
rear view of a bicycle and its tracks in light snow
a flaming Christmas tree is held like a torch by a person in metallic protective clothing
cyclists silhouetted against a bonfire on the beach
bicycle chain broken by shearing the rim off a pin
kitchen thermometer probes suspended over a pot of boiling wort
Benjamin Mako Hill presenting the keynote at SeaGL 2019
outdoor signage of SeaGL 2019 at Seattle Central College
Andrew wearing a staff wristband at SeaGL 2019
grayscale draft of the hybrid conference program/badge for SeaGL 2019
bamboo skewers of sushi and mango held upright in bouquets by pints of beer
grilling a fillet of steelhead trout
yeast starter of Imperial Yeast’s A38 β€œJuice” strain in a 1-L Erlenmeyer flask
visible cracks in a bicycle helmet from service in a crash
five Seattle Fresh Hop sampling glasses with increasing levels of hop sediment
mobile phone displaying a graph of the indoor COβ‚‚ level
USB COβ‚‚ meter connected to a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu
sunset over Fremont Oktoberfest 2019
industrial lot of approximately 100 Lime bicycles
lightning strike seen from Obec Brewing’s covered patio
bicycle hanging on a vertical rack on the Link light rail
SR 520 trail with signage advertising the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Twitter account
cyclists dancing in a park at night
sashimi salad and Fremont Brewing’s Lush IPA
large water droplets on leaves
Fat Dog 120’s Nicomen Lake aid station at night
tent on a platform at Nicomen Lake
Fat Dog 120’s Nicomen Lake aid station
ladybug walking across the top edge of a laptop screen
bookshelf standing desk with hanging vertical keyboard
U-Pack moving pod and truck-mounted forklift
helipad near Whyte Lake
site of former helipad near Whyte Lake
Angry Birds t-shirt posted like a sign in the aftermath of a forest fire