grayscale draft of the hybrid conference program/badge for SeaGL 2019
bamboo skewers of sushi and mango held upright in bouquets by pints of beer
grilling a fillet of steelhead trout
yeast starter of Imperial Yeast’s A38 β€œJuice” strain in a 1-L Erlenmeyer flask
visible cracks in a bicycle helmet from service in a crash
five Seattle Fresh Hop sampling glasses with increasing levels of hop sediment
mobile phone displaying a graph of the indoor COβ‚‚ level
USB COβ‚‚ meter connected to a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu
sunset over Fremont Oktoberfest 2019
industrial lot of approximately 100 Lime bicycles
lightning strike seen from Obec Brewing’s covered patio
bicycle hanging on a vertical rack on the Link light rail
SR 520 trail with signage advertising the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Twitter account
cyclists dancing in a park at night
sashimi salad and Fremont Brewing’s Lush IPA
large water droplets on leaves
Fat Dog 120’s Nicomen Lake aid station at night
tent on a platform at Nicomen Lake
Fat Dog 120’s Nicomen Lake aid station
ladybug walking across the top edge of a laptop screen
bookshelf standing desk with hanging vertical keyboard
U-Pack moving pod and truck-mounted forklift
helipad near Whyte Lake
site of former helipad near Whyte Lake
Angry Birds t-shirt posted like a sign in the aftermath of a forest fire
bench in a forest with graffiti reading β€œListen”
homebrew IPA illuminated by sunshine
first-person perspective of straddling a bicycle
sign inside Link light rail reading β€œThe rumors are true! Bags don’t have butts.”
LinuxFest Northwest website projected high onto a wall surrounded by colored lighting
remote work from a laptop in the grass next to a bicycle in Margaret Piggot Park
Mapmaker (The Gerrymandering Game) board on a table with a mint plant and mint tea
homebrew IPA labeled with β€œShould eat bees?” and Allie Brosh’s simple-minded dog
Andrew trying a new camera
waiting to cross the Spokane Street Bridge on bicycle
homebrew stout float