bench in a forest with graffiti reading β€œListen”
homebrew IPA illuminated by sunshine
first-person perspective of straddling a bicycle
sign inside Link light rail reading β€œThe rumors are true! Bags don’t have butts.”
LinuxFest Northwest website projected high onto a wall surrounded by colored lighting
remote work from a laptop in the grass next to a bicycle in Margaret Piggot Park
Mapmaker (The Gerrymandering Game) board on a table with a mint plant and mint tea
homebrew IPA labeled with β€œShould eat bees?” and Allie Brosh’s simple-minded dog
Andrew trying a new camera
waiting to cross the Spokane Street Bridge on bicycle
homebrew stout float
single leaf sprouting from an avocado pit suspended over a jar of water by toothpicks
BBC micro:bit
ingredients for Smitten Kitchen’s garlic lime steak and noodle salad
homemade beet pasta
bicycle carrying supplies at night for the Vancouver 100
waiting at Cleveland Dam with a bicycle carrying supplies for the Vancouver 100
golden sunshine on a ladybug in potted grass
kitchen thermometer probing a partial mash
syringe purging air bubbles from a hydraulic disk brake
homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œBowtruckle” and β€œWhears. Wheats. Whattlestar Galactica.”
crossing a snow-covered scree field
tent in the snow at night
golden sunshine on snowcovered treetops in West Point Grey
homebrew IPA labeled β€œCrookshanks”
carboy of fermenting homebrew cooled by ice and a water bath
cupcakes decorated as hops with hop-flavored frosting
ball pit in a schoolbus in the dark
hops air-drying on a baking sheet
bicycle resting on driftwood at Spanish Banks Beach at sunset
bicycle awaiting boarding of a BoltBus at Pacific Central Station
Wedgemount Lake at sunset
Wedgemount Glacier at sunset
Wedgemount Glacier at sunset
filtering water from a stream at Wedgemount Lake
campsite at Wedgemount Lake
alpine plant with purple flowers at Wedgemount Lake
working on a laptop next to a bicycle on shaded logs at Point Grey Beach
raccoon resting in the sunshine on a bare limb
homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œvery hungry moose” and β€œdeserving porcupine”
homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œRumbleroar”
strawberries hanging from a balcony
watching distant fireworks across Vancouver from above at Eagle Bluffs on Canada Day
small tray of hop pellets and star anise
homebrew beer labeled with β€œCooper” and a black and white zigzag pattern
homebrew beer labeled β€œPhteven?”