waiting to cross the Spokane Street Bridge on bicycle
homebrew stout float
BBC micro:bit
ingredients for Smitten Kitchen’s garlic lime steak and noodle salad
homemade beet pasta
bicycle carrying supplies at night for the Vancouver 100
waiting at Cleveland Dam with a bicycle carrying supplies for the Vancouver 100
golden sunshine on a ladybug in potted grass
kitchen thermometer probing a partial mash
syringe purging air bubbles from a hydraulic disk brake
homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œBowtruckle” and β€œWhears. Wheats. Whattlestar Galactica.”
crossing a snow-covered scree field
tent in the snow at night
homebrew IPA labeled β€œCrookshanks”
carboy of fermenting homebrew cooled by ice and a water bath
bicycle resting on driftwood at Spanish Banks Beach at sunset
bicycle awaiting boarding of a BoltBus at Pacific Central Station
Wedgemount Lake at sunset
Wedgemount Glacier at sunset
Wedgemount Glacier at sunset
filtering water from a stream at Wedgemount Lake
campsite at Wedgemount Lake
alpine plant with purple flowers at Wedgemount Lake
homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œvery hungry moose” and β€œdeserving porcupine”
homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œRumbleroar”
strawberries hanging from a balcony
small tray of hop pellets and star anise
homebrew beer labeled with β€œCooper” and a black and white zigzag pattern
homebrew beer labeled β€œPhteven?”
carboy of homebrew beer glowing orange from a backlight
deep snowbank looming over the Garibaldi Lake trail
tent in the snow overlooking frozen Garibaldi Lake
sledding down the Elfin Lakes trail on a roll-up sled
Andrew hiking in the snow on Mount Fromme
cat carrying a mouse
view of Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi Lake from The Black Tusk
shining a headlamp from the shore of Garibaldi Lake at dawn
view of Pyramid Mountain over Mamquam Lake
Soylent iced latte
snow-covered campsites at frozen Garibaldi Lake
dining by lamplight around a table carved from snow at Elfin Lakes
sunset at Elfin Lakes
sunset at Elfin Lakes
Soylent and instant coffee on a bear bag
cargo ship in Puget Sound under the moon and the Olympic Mountains cast red by sunrise
view of Hanes Valley and Vancouver from Crown Mountain
Fat Dog 120’s Pasayten River aid station at dusk
weekly produce basket from a Community Supported Agriculture program
weekly produce basket from a Community Supported Agriculture program
weekly produce basket from a Community Supported Agriculture program