Wedgemount Glacier at sunsetfiltering water from a stream at Wedgemount Lakecampsite at Wedgemount Lakealpine plant with purple flowers at Wedgemount Lakeworking on a laptop next to a bicycle on shaded logs at Point Grey Beachraccoon resting in the sunshine on a bare limbhomebrew beer bottles labeled β€œvery hungry moose” and β€œdeserving porcupine”homebrew beer bottles labeled β€œRumbleroar”strawberries hanging from a balconywatching distant fireworks across Vancouver from above at Eagle Bluffs on Canada Daysmall tray of hop pellets and star anisehomebrew beer labeled with β€œCooper” and a black and white zigzag patternhomebrew beer labeled β€œPhteven?”carboy of homebrew beer glowing orange from a backlightdeep snowbank looming over the Garibaldi Lake trailtent in the snow overlooking frozen Garibaldi Lakesledding down the Elfin Lakes trail on a roll-up sledhiker overlooking Vancouver from Dog Mountain at sunsetAndrew hiking in the snow on Mount Frommecat carrying a mouseview of Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi Lake from The Black Tuskshining a headlamp from the shore of Garibaldi Lake at dawnFat Dog 120’s Bonnevier aid station at duskview of Pyramid Mountain over Mamquam Lakebrownie batter–covered whisk coated in colored sprinklesSoylent iced lattesnow-covered campsites at frozen Garibaldi Lakedining by lamplight around a table carved from snow at Elfin Lakessunset at Elfin Lakessunset at Elfin LakesSoylent and instant coffee on a bear bagcargo ship in Puget Sound under the moon and the Olympic Mountains cast red by sunriseclusters of small mushrooms rising above moss on a fallen logview of Hanes Valley and Vancouver from Crown MountainFat Dog 120’s Pasayten River aid station at duskweekly produce basket from a Community Supported Agriculture programweekly produce basket from a Community Supported Agriculture programweekly produce basket from a Community Supported Agriculture programred sun through wildfire smoke in VancouverUbuntu Vancouver meeting at Continental Coffeecherry pie decorated with a Ο€ symbol