temporal composite of a honey bee flying near flowers
honey bee flying near flowers
temporal composite of a honey bee flying over duckweed
temporal composite of a honey bee hopping on duckweed
papillon dog yawning in a garden
failed hard drive on ice in a styrofoam container connected via eSATA
King County Metro bus in the Seattle Pride Parade
Vancouver Marathon on West Pender Street
wooden fence made of Ο€ planks
runners wearing head lamps at the starting line of the Whistler 50
long exposure of throwies in the shape of a brain on a swinging freezer door
upside-down touchpad constructed from cardboard and an iPad Touch
studio apartment kitchen with two desks
upside-down mouse clinging with magnets
digital camera connected to a Pogoplug in an aluminum foil–lined box
laptop perched atop a box that is emitting bright light
bicycle with a strip of amber running lights on the top tube
tent on a peninsula in Pine Lake
Apple Keyboard (A1243) relabeled with icons hand drawn on white dot stickers
desk adorned with spider plants and a desktop background updated from an in-progress time lapse
digital camera connected to a laptop capturing a time lapse of a spider plant growing in flat glass enclosure
flat glass enclosure containing water-saturated sodium polyacrylate balls
bloodied zombie hands grasping toward a brain hanging from a string suspended from a USA flag
tent at Cedar Lake
view from Oyster Dome through silhouetted trees
Global Technology Academy WWU refurbishing donated computers
Greater Seattle Linux User Group meeting at the Seattle Public Library Greenwood Branch
sunlit balloons in an apartment with two desks
apparently white foliage in an infrared photograph
apparently blank stop sign in an infrared photograph
view from Sehome Hill of a blanket of fog covering Bellingham Bay
infrared light filter from a digital camera
bicycle and fall leaves at Marine Park
Padden Creek Bridge spanning the ravine, level with sunlit treetops
bicycle decorated with Christmas lights
long exposure of a bicycle decorated with Christmas lights
conspicuously horizontal broken tree branch made downward pointing rotating the photo 90Β°
landmark plane tree in Old Main Meadow
Old Main in the fall
Hostess Cake truck with all of its branding whitewashed except for the hearts
Boulevard Park boardwalk in fog
wild berries in a metal cup on a log
view of fireworks from boats on Lake Union
boats awaiting fireworks on Lake Union
sitting along the water after the Fremont zombie walk
raccoon looking down from a tree
counter-protesting Westboro Baptist Church at Garfield High School
Global Technology Academy WWU refurbishing donated laptops
slacklining on the Western Washington University campus
snowfall seen through window of Academic Instructional Center West
boarding the Whatcom Chief Ferry
TelefΓ©rico de Madrid passing by high-rise apartments
assorted fruit painted on a truck in front of a grocery store in Paris
eastward view of Paris from SacrΓ©-CΕ“ur
man fishing from a quay in Vernazza, accompanied by a patient cat
ocean view from the southern side of Manarola
Manarola’s hillside Christmas nativity scene in sunlight
Manarola under gray skies
sunlight breaking through the clouds offshore from Cinque Terre
rocky cliffs at Cinque Terre
doorway open to the water in Murano
plants growing from sidewalk cracks in Murano
DHL delivery boat in Venice
Piazza San Marco reflecting Christmas lights in the rain
Campo San Giacomo di Rialto reflecting Christmas lights in the rain
canal dredging boat in Venice
canal dredging boat in Venice
Venice Vaporetto water bus stop
Milano Centrale railway station, dim and grungy
tent in the snow on Monte Boglia
Nasonia wasps hatching from a parasitized fly pupa
sunset over Seattle’s Pine Street overpass