In his talk The math and magic of origami Robert Lang introduces TreeMaker, a computational origami tool that calculates paper crease patterns from stick figure–like tree diagrams.

The software was last updated in 2006 and doesn't readily run on recent Ubuntu releases. As a shortcut to using it, I've prepared a Docker image based on an older Ubuntu release.

Running graphical applications via Docker isn’t straightforward so I've included a wrapper around docker run that performs the necessary setup in Ubuntu.

$ ./docker_run_x --rm treemaker --help
Usage: TreeMaker [-v] [-h] [-d <str>] [document...]
-v, --version show program version
-h, --help show option list
-d, --datadir=<str> TreeMaker data directory path prefix
β€œAbout” window of TreeMaker 5.0.1 running via Docker